The Future of Payments,

Introducing the most powerful, fastest, and easiest way to accept digital payments for your online checkout.

Power your online business with crypto payments

Introducing a pre-built doorway into the world of blockchain, right from your checkout page. Designed with precision to increase transactions, convert more sales, and integrate seamlessly into your business.

Unlock new revenue streams

Connect to millions of digital wallets

Reach global audiencess

Reduce operational and transaction costs

HIFI pay dashboardHIFI pay dashboard

Limitless Blockchain Payments Igniting Unlimited Possibilities

Say goodbye to the complexities of building and scaling native crypto infrastructure from scratch.

Leverage blockchains, digital wallets, and custody solutions all bundled into one comprehensive API to supercharge your business.

Liquidity for incoming assets
Payments for online acceptance
Custody of assets
Wallet integrations
KYC/AML risk monitoring
Bank Payouts ACH/SEPA/Wire

Crypto Payments
Checkout Engine

Join the forefront of e-commerce innovation with HIFI’s game-changing crypto payments.

Enhance your online store's capabilities and tap into a world of possibilities that drive increased sales, higher conversions, and a loyal customer base.

A Fully Integrated Suite
of Crypto Payments Tools

HIFI Pay offers the most powerful and comprehensive platform that allows businesses to flexibly track and manage payments, initiate payouts, and manage their customers all-in-one.

We reduce friction for companies at scale at every step in the customer checkout process. All the essential payment tools come bundled in one unified integration including fraud prevention, flexible billing, refund support, and more.

suite crypto paymentssuite crypto paymentssuite crypto paymentssuite crypto paymentssuite crypto paymentssuite crypto paymentssuite crypto payments

Experience a technology & compliance-first approach to payments

Multicoin Acceptance

Integrate hundreds of digital assets including BTC, ETH, and USDC. Access a modern network and wider audience.

Instant Settlement

Reduce settlement time from days to seconds. Experience faster access to funds and improved cash flow.

Global Payouts

Seamlessly execute cross-border payments, to reach suppliers, partners, and customers around the world.

Near Zero Cost

Benefit from near-zero cost transactions, reducing overhead expenses and optimizing your financial operations.

Advanced Reporting

Full-service customer management in a simplified dashboard. Get an end-to-end view of your business activities.

Interoperable Connectivity

Achieve seamless compatibility across various payment methods, platforms, and protocols with one integration.

Fast Payments
Fast Payments

Unlock rapid settlement and lightning fast payments

Explore New Frontiers with the Future of Money

Simplify your business payments, explore new frontiers of money, and unlock unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Revolutionize your payment processes with rapid settlement and near-zero costs. Finally, experience the power of 24/7 settlement and direct access to USDC and other stablecoins.

Global Compliance

Maximize conversions and minimize costs

End-to-End North America Compliance

Secure, propel, and unlock your businesses overall performance with robust fraud protection designed to increase conversion rates and build customer trust. Our platform is battle-tested to navigate the intricacies of any regulatory requirements effortlessly.

Embrace the future with confidence with a seamless, efficient, and fully compliant operation to drive sustained growth in the competitive digital landscape.

U.S & Canada regulatory compliant

U.S MTL coverage in 50 states

U.S MSB Category: Dealing w/ digital assets

Canada MSB Category: Dealing w/ digital assets

Secure customer approvals

Boost authorization rates

ACH/EFT/SEPA money movement support

Customer chargeback coverage

Authentication, Validation & Fraud protection

Dynamic 3D Secure

Industry-leading ML protection

KYC/AML service protection

Developer First

Developer friendly payments solution

Developer Centric API’s

Our APIs are designed with developers in mind, offering clear documentation, comprehensive libraries, and code samples to streamline your integration process.

With HIFI, you'll experience a seamless integration journey that accelerates your development cycle and reduces time-to-market.

Millions of Wallets.
One Way to Pay.

HIFI offers powerful account aggregation that enables any business to directly connect to customers from 300+ wallets including Robinhood, Coinbase, Gemini, and more, with 40+ digital assets supported.

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