About Us

Building the next generation of financial connectivity

We are developing the system to reshape how money and value move for the next chapter of the internet.
Our Vision

Money should move as

fast as the internet


Business is now default global.

For the past 20 years, software has eaten the world.

Data now travels at lightpeed, information moves freely across borders, and the future of business is now default global. The globalization of money however, still remains a challenge.

It’s time to accelerate into the future.

We see a future where businesses will move money seamlessly across chains and banks to unleash endless business opportunities.

HIFI was built on the premise of creating an operating system to allow businesses to integrate into every chain, banking, and payment rail in world.

Building the future of finance for everyone.

Now, we sit at a new intersection of the next generational shift with blockchain technology.

At HIFI, we are so excited to continue to create new tools that will shapes how money moves across borders - built for everyone, everywhere.

Our Values

We Believe

At HiFi, we respect the visionaries that came before us - however, we are taking a radically different approach than those that built the world of big tech and traditional finance. We understand that the path to building a redefined financial future for everyone starts with values we bake into our work every day.

Clear Transparency
Customers should know exactly what’s under the hood.

Whether you're an investor, executive, or team member - everyone is held to the same standard of radical transparency and accountability.

We are building a fair, open, and more accessible financial system and we understand that begins with us.

Humans First
Everyone deserves a fair share.

We listen to our customers and create our products with the intention that they will help the lives of people everyday.

We know our products will be used by real humans, each with their own unique lives, thoughts and feelings. Our products are built with empathy to be accessible by everyone, everywhere.

Privacy and Security Centered
Our customer’s data and privacy will always be our top priority.

We firmly believe in our customers' right to data privacy, and we fully commit to safeguarding it.

Utilizing top preventive measures, we actively mitigate data security risks. We aim to serve as a symbol of trust and reliability for best security practices in the new financial world.

Think Big, Do Bigger
We have big ambitious plans and believe no goal is ever out of reach.

We reward big, bold bets and comprise ourselves of a stellar team of dreamers and doers.

We take a ‘zero-to-one’ approach and believe the most disruptive tech in the world all starts with just an idea and the firm belief it can be built into something life changing.

Our People

A world class founding team

The HiFi team comes together and brings decades of leadership experience in building world class products that connect the lives of billions of people from companies like Facebook, Uber, Apple, Citi Group, Coinbase, and Polygon.

Our teams are comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and industries ranging from world class tech and finance organizations, startup founders, venture capitalists, and researchers.

Our purpose comes from the love of building amazing products that ignite a new world of possibilities to improve the lives of people everyday.

Where are we going

The future of money movement
is powered by HIFI

Merchant Acceptance


U.S Merchants are planning to accept digital assets by the year 2026.

Merchant Impact


Merchants that experience a positive impact on customer metrics when accepting crypto.

Customer Sentiment

3 in 4

Customers who expressed the desire to transact with digital assets.

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