Virtual Accounts

Launch virtual accounts
to convert between

dollars and stablecoins

Open and manage virtual accounts to move into and out of any dollar and stablecoin.

Open and manage virtual accounts

Automate and streamline transactions, track expenses, and optimize your financial activities with ease.

Dollar-to-stablecoin orchestration

Seamlessly move in and out of dollars with a virtual account. Convert between dollars and stablecoins in any format for your customers.


Unique Routing and Account Numbers

Gain access to a real bank account with full ACH capabilities, unique account and routing numbers to store digital dollars.


Flexible Business and Individual Accounts

Open accounts for businesses or individuals with both KYB and KYC due dilligence covered by HIFI.


Instant Payment Clearing

Instant account funding and withdrawals with real-time payment rails any way you choose.


What are virtual accounts?

Virtual accounts are accounts that have unique account and routing numbers. These accounts enable seamless conversion between dollars and stablecoins, offering a modern solution for managing digital assets and traditional currencies.

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