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Gain access to the fastest payments rails to accelerate settlement to seconds.



No weekends. No bank holidays. No downtime. Move money freely whenever you do business.

The challenge

What problem

does HIFI solve?


30 days

Average time to complete a global supplier payment

1 in 5

People experience payments fraud


Average cost of a single vendor payment


Nearly half experience payment delays
The solution

An introduction to
Distributed Ledger Technology

Traditional payments take up to 30 days to settle due to a series of network banks in the SWIFT network. SWIFT was developed in 1973 - over 50 years ago. With HIFI, we have developed the OS for the money to move globally over a network of anchors across various blockchains - we call this distributed ledger technology.

When you send a payment on HIFI, we detect the fastest and most-cost effective blockchain to route the transaction across. It’s the new SWIFT network - for the next chapter of the internet.


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